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Fri 5th Apr 2019
Chris Packham, "not real" shock
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BBC TV executives are reported to be “shocked and appalled” upon discovering today that their official anti-shooting spokesperson and presenter, Chris Packham, was in fact, not real at all. The story broke after Packham was left outside Broadcasting House in the rain. A BBC insider told “It seems that he was made entirely from cardboard. It’s a tragedy”. After his success with ratings winner Naturewatch, Packham was regarded as front runner to host the latest format of the series, Neighbour’s Wifewatch. Our source added: “Chris ticked a lot of boxes for us, yeah? His left of centre views, his punk rocker background, his issues. He was exactly the sort of person for the modern BBC, yeah? To discover that he wasn’t like, real, was a big downer”.

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