BSA Guns for Sale


The History of the BSA Gun Brand

Since its formation in 1861, BSA grew into a powerful member of Britain's industrial group. Initially formed from a small union of gunsmiths, the company went on to land large government contracts producing guns such as the Lewis machine gun and various small arms used in WW2. During the period 1940 to 1945 the BSA factory produced over 500,000 .303 Browning machine guns, 1.25 million .303 Lee Enfield Rifles and 60,000 7.92 'BESA' machine guns playing not just a large part in the UK gun trade but a huge part in Britain's history.

At its height the BSA group, including BSA Cycles Ltd and BSA Guns Ltd, controlled 67 factories with a work force of 28,000 with 25,000 machine tools. From this point the company eventually stopped production of military weapons and changed its focus to the production of Rifles, Air Rifles and sporting guns

BSA, well renowned for designing and producing high quality products, now uses cutting edge processes to ensure they remain at the forefront of the airgun market. The award-winning design team never disappoint with a constant flow of new products and technological developments, all of which are present whenever you buy a BSA gun.

Amongst the new development is that of the gas ram powered airguns. Spring powered airguns have, for a long time, been the standard in break barrel airguns. BSA's 'SE' variants use a pneumatic ram filled with nitrogen, the benefits of these guns are a quieter, smoother and delivery of the power, all of this leads you into the knowledge that if you buy a BSA gun you're making a well-informed choice, if you want to buy a BSA gun such as a BSA Air Rifle.


Key BSA Gun models

The most popular of the 600+ BSA Air Rifle for sale on Guntrader is the BSA R10 and all its variants. This BSA PCP Air Rifle proves popular due to its reliability and expert manufacturing. The most stand out features of the BSA R10 are its low sitting magazine for improved practicality, an efficient and reliable regulator and a fast and responsive bolt action. There are also around 30 variants of this BSA model!

Another one of the most popular BSA Air Rifles is the Ultra SE. With over 20 variants available, this BSA air rifle is very popular among Air Gun Shooters. The BSA Ultra SE has stayed true to its original compromise as opposed to trying to be a newly developed Air Gun.

There are vast number of BSA Air Guns for sale on Guntrader with many different models in all mechanisms and calibres. These include new and used BSA guns for sale, so if you're looking for where to buy a BSA gun such as any specific model, we are here to help make the right choice.