Browning Guns for Sale


The History of the Browning Gun Brand

Browning Arms Company have made countless Browning Shotguns and Browning Rifles. Since Browning's founding in 1897 they have seen themselves grow to one of the market's biggest known names for Hunting and Shooting guns and accessories. Whilst holding some of the higher prices in the market for firearms, Browning Shotguns and Rifles really can justify their price tags. When you buy a Browning shotgun or rifle, you can be assured of a finely tuned high quality product.

Constantly developing and tailoring new ideas and methods through their exquisite passion for manufacturing, Browning still design some the best and most innovative Shotguns and Rifles around as they have done throughout their history.


Features and Benefits of buying a Browning gun

Browning are accredited as the inventor of the Semi-Auto Shotgun, the Over and Under Shotgun and the Semi-Automatic Rifle. Browning are a leading specialist of semi-automatic rifles, with 50 years of experience in the field. It owes its title to the quality of its firing mechanisms, the gentle gas-operated action that results in minimum recoil feel, their reliability, but also and most importantly, to the fact that they have pioneered new technologies to bring you, the user ever-higher performance.


Key Models of Browning Guns

A pure revolution, the Browning B725 offers you the ideal combination of the Browning B25's legendary reliability and exclusive 'made in Browning' innovations if you're looking to buy a Browning shotgun. The Browning Heritage model justifiably bears its name as the worthy successor of the B25 side-plated model. Balance, ergonomics and handling perfectly resume the qualities of the B525, Grand Prix, Ultra X and GTS range of over-and-under guns.

The most popular Browning shotgun model on Guntrader is the B525 Sporter One. The most popular Browning Rifle model is the T-Bolt Composite Sporter. With over 2000 new and used Browning Shotguns for sale and 500 new and second hand Browning Rifles for sale, Guntrader is the best option if you want to sell or buy a Browning shotgun, rifle or any other Browning products.