CZ Guns for Sale


The History of the CZ Gun Brand

CZ stands for Ceska Zbrojovka which means Czech Armoury. Most CZ-marked firearms are connected with Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod (CZUB) - a Czech firearms manufacturer since 1336. CZ is a registered trademark. This brand has a reputation for being high quality and reliable, yet still affordable if you are looking to buy a CZ gun, such as a CZ Rifle or a CZ Shotgun.


Features and Benefits of buying or using a CZ gun

The rimfire rifles of the CZ brand are superior, highly modern firearms perfectly prepared for hunting, sport, training of shooting skills and leisure time activities. The current selection includes the CZ 452-2E ZKM line of rimfire rifles and follow-up models designated as the CZ 453 and CZ 513 Farmer. All these models feature a typical, original and simple bolt, maximally safe trigger mechanism designed for the trigger pull adjustments, excellent accuracy to which a significant contribution is provided by the hammer forged barrel complemented by overall durability and robustness bordering on indestructability; all great reasons if you're looking to buy a CZ gun.

Centrefire rifles of the CZ brand have literally grown into a legend over their several decades of existence. Many families keep CZ centrefire rifles as their heritage for several generations. The reasons for that includes their quality, accuracy and rigidity, all of which are attributes subject to strict focus of the manufacturer for decades. The pleasant quality/price ratio places CZ centrefire rifles among leaders on the hunting arms market. The CZ 550 and her just-emerging daughter, the CZ 557, are live proofs of this statement. Especially the CZ 557, which is a new gun to set the trend on bolt action rifles market.


Key CZ Gun models

The most popular CZ rimfire rifle is the 455 American, a bolt action rifle available in rimfire calibres. This is the latest in the generation of bolt action rimfires, although it comes in a variety of configurations, 455 Evolution, 455 Stainless, 455 Thumbhole Laminate, the 455 American is by far the most popular on Guntrader. This rifle really is a great bit of kit for anyone looking to buy a CZ gun as a reliable vermin control or target rifle.

The most popular CZ centrefire rifle on Guntrader is the CZ 527 American, available in a large range of calibres and with a variety of twist rates. The 527 American utilises a micro-length Mauser action fed by a controlled feed from its metal magazine. As is standard with all the 527 variants the American comes with an adjustable trigger, always popular with those that like to set the rifle up to their required pull rate.

We offer a range of CZ guns for sale on Guntrader, including both new and used CZ gun for sale, so if you're looking for where to buy a specific firearm model from CZ, either brand new or second hand, we can help you buy a CZ gun.