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Caesar Guerini

Caesar Guerini: one of the newest and finest shotgun makers in the world

One of the younger shotgun manufacturers in existence, they started in only 2002 so not exactly steeped in history. But don't be fooled, Caesar Guerini still provides some of the finest sporting shotguns in the world despite their age. Caesar Guerini shotguns are very prestigious in the firearms world, simply because they perfectly combine all the performance elements any gun enthusiast would come to expect from a top-of-the-range brand.

Caesar Guerini

Features and benefits of the Caesar Guerini shotguns

Boasting the most elegant designs, Caesar Guerini shotguns are intricately decorated with beautiful metal work and stylish polished wood. Showcasing a very recognisable gun without compromising the performance

Caesar Guerini shotguns are available in two main styles – the semi-automatic, such as the Caesar Guerini Roman series, and the over-and-under double barrel like the Caesar Guerini Tempio range

Caesar Guerini shotguns are suitable for all hunting or target competition situations and they will always meet if not exceed the highest of expectations of its user

Caesar Guerini

The Caesar Guerini Invictus

The most popular Caesar Guerini Over and Under shotgun for sale on guntrader, is the Caesar Guerini Invictus. The Caesar Guerini Invictus features perhaps the greatest advancement of over-and-under durability for many years. The Invictus system which has completely changed the way that the barrel and the guns action lock together when the gun closes, making the entire gun stronger

We offer a range of Caesar Guerini guns for sale on guntrader, including both new and used models. So if you’re looking for where to buy a specific Caesar Guerini shotgun then you can start by looking here.