Weihrauch Guns for Sale


Weihrauch: one of the longest established air rifle makers

Since their founding in Germany in 1899 in the same town as several other famous manufacturers by Hermann Weihrauch. Weihrauch’s primary objective was producing top quality hunting rifles and presented the first mass produced German .22 Rimfire Rifle, the Weihrauch HWZ 21 Smallbore Rifle.

Weihrauch switched to manufacturing air guns in the early 1950's and then developed the Weihrauch HW Model 50V. This was required to be a smooth bore due to restrictions placed on Germany's manufacturing following WWII.

Today, Weihrauch air rifles and Weihrauch air pistols are some of the most popular air guns on the market, such as the HW 30 M / II, a superior, light and well-balanced air rifle of excellent accuracy for the whole family.


Features and benefits of the Weihrauch air rifles

The perfect option for those who want both strength and precision, Weihrauch air rifles are dependable and are built with reliability and accuracy at their forefront. Though they may be a little heavy for certain tastes, Weihrauch rifles are still a favourite amongst seasoned enthusiasts. These German-made air rifles have been designed to satisfy any perfectionist, ensuring exactitude, tempering of all elements and precise dimensional accuracy across all its models.

The precision, dimensional accuracy and correct temper of the various parts are constantly and carefully monitored by experienced experts. The use of modern production machinery helps to ensure that these demands are always complied with. It is this production technology, combined with decades of experience, that forms the expertise with which their hobby, sports and hunting guns are manufactured for maximum performance and a long service life.


Key Models

At guntrader, we have an extensive range of Weihrauch air rifles to suit every need. From ambidextrous to right-handed models to those fitted with silencers. We have one of the best collections of Weihrauch guns on the market.

The most popular Weihrauch break barrel spring air rifle for sale on guntrader is the Weihrauch HW99 and its range of variations. Whilst not the most aesthetically pleasing Weihrauch air rifle, the HW99's performance certainly makes up for this. Equipped with solid and traditional open iron sights, simple and solid stock design, easy handling and well balanced, buying a new or used one of these Weihrauch air guns are a safe choice.

The most popular Pre-Charged Pneumatic Weihrauch air rifle, available to buy on guntrader, is the Weihrauch HW100 KT. The HW100 KT is the Carbine variant of the HW100 with an ergonomic thumbhole stock. The HW100 rifles are known for their exemplary accuracy and reliability with their owners using them for a variety of purposes, both target shooting and vermin control.

We offer a range of Weihrauch guns for sale on guntrader - both new and used. If you’re looking for where to buy a specific model, then please start by looking here.