Country Girls Blog

21st September 2021 Rebecca Maynard 1

Shooting for mental health Mental health has always affected many people, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each […]

A true gathering of equals

A show of equals

14th July 2021 Guntrader 0

Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the pandemic is now in retreat and that life will soon return to normal if indeed what we […]

Making renewal a cert

19th April 2021 Guntrader 0

As some unfortunate shooters will be all too well aware, their local doctor may be among those who won’t provide the necessary medical approval allowing […]

Axe falls on shooting titles.

13th April 2021 Guntrader 1

It was hardly unexpected. From the moment Future Publishing acquired the ex-IPC/ex-Time Warner/ex-TI Media owned magazines Shooting Times, The Field and a host of others, […]

Pots & Kettles

10th December 2020 Guntrader 0

The possibility of a no deal Brexit has again raised the spectre of grey importing. Once a common feature across a number of consumer sectors […]

Adders counting the cost

22nd October 2020 Guntrader 0

Shooting bodies need to take note of a story published in the Daily Telegraph (30th September), which details the decline of adders in this country. […]

Who will speak for us now?

23rd September 2020 Guntrader 0

In a little under ten years the foundations of the UK’s, not to mention the world’s, periodical publishing industry have been swept away. The internet […]

No retreat at Dunkirk

9th January 2020 Guntrader 0

From time to time life throws up small events that if left unconsidered simply dissolve into the haze, but when looked at closely reveal everything […]