Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition 37 out of 100)

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  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
  • Daystate .22 Red Ranger (Limited Edition  37 out of 100)
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Very Rare - Daystate Red Ranger Limited Edition No 37 of 100

Buffalo River shoulder bag, Daystate hard travel case, and Bisley air canister as shown in the pictures are included in the price. Also comes with certificate, extra pellet carousel, pellets and the original red squirrel badge and instruction booklet.

There are a few minor chips and scratches which I have tried to show in the pics. The most noticeable one being a few inches to the right of the pressure gauge as can be seen in the pictures.

BARREL LENGTH: 16.5INCHES (silencer adds another 3" when fitted)

Just 100 of these special rifles were produced in a ‘Limited Edition’ production run and supplied in a calibre of the customers choosing, in this case .22 with a certificate of authentication and inscription engraved on the side of the rifle...

What lies behind the whole venture is a tie up between Daystate and the Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group; a registered charity involved in the frontline battle to save our indigenous red squirrel population. The group are based in Cumbria and work with a number of organizations to monitor and record red squirrel numbers, whilst implementing pest control methods against the rather more aggressive invader – the grey squirrel. The destructive nature of the grey, coupled with their fast spreading numbers, has resulted in an organized front being needed to tackle the problem head-on.

Each Certificate of Authentication is signed by Jerry Moss, a Red Squirrel Conservation Ranger for Whinfell Forest, who works in tandem with the Penrith & District group.
This special edition (No 37 out of 100) follows the same layout as the ‘standard’ Air Ranger, with a buddy bottle up front, fully shrouded barrel, two ten shot magazines, and rather sumptuous walnut furniture.
What gives it such a unique feel however, comes with the finer detail.
The exquisitely designed woodwork is fashioned by Minelli in Italy, and with red stained Turkish Walnut used, the ultra high gloss, finished article is a fine example indeed of this company’s work. Of course that beautifully rich red lustre of the woodwork ties in with the squirrel connection, adding a unique feel to this tasty limited edition. The usual side flutes (to be found on the standard Air Ranger are treated to well executed stippling, whilst the grip area sports ‘RR’ in relief, within more stippled panels. The end result is highly impressive.
The totally ambidextrous configuration is a triumph, with twin generous thumb shelves affording a luxurious feel to the grip; along with perfectly raised cheek-pieces either side.
Daystate’s ultra concave rubber ventilated butt pad is one of the best on the market for sheer shoulder hugging performance, and with the Red Ranger on aim, it’s a reassuring feature. Detail is everywhere with this special Ranger,
A perfectly shaped, set-back trigger blade, this Red Ranger isn’t all about looks. Indeed there’s a fully functioning thoroughbred beneath that five-star veneer. Titanium alloy adds a real touch of class, not to mention added strength and precision where it matters. Precise engraving, with a red squirrel motif one side, and ‘Red Ranger Limited Edition’, the other, really sets off this rifle too, with no one left in any doubt as to its elevated status.

Buddy bottle systems often suffer from forcing the shooter to grip cold steel when using the bottle itself as part of the fore-end. No such reservations here though, since Daystate thoughtfully include a brown leather bottle cover as part of the specification - being both warm to the touch and easy on the eye.
Another major shortcoming of many ‘buddy bottle’ style rifles concerns the issue of charging the system. Daystate remedied this situation from the outset with their standard Air Ranger, so bottle removal is totally unnecessary. Instead, just pull off the metal cap from the inlet valve on the underside of the action, and connect up the air supply. Fill to the tune of 210bar, and this Red Ranger is good to go for around 400 shots in .22 calibre.

Daystate have nothing to prove where consistency is concerned, and with the patented Harper Slingshot hammer and valve system on board, keeping air delivery on song, great performance should be a given.

The very latest MK5 version of Daysate’s own Reflex silencer came with the Red Ranger, and this tames the muzzle report down to very acceptable levels. What makes this silencer so remarkable is the clever design which sees the barrel thread to the silencer around half way down the tube, resulting in an increase in the overall length of a minimal three inches. Compact handling is therefore maintained, along with the Red Rangers aesthetic appeal.

Standard Daystate fittings include the full-length barrel shroud, ending in a threaded section at the muzzle, blanked off with a knurled cap when no silencer is fitted. The chunky cocking bolt is classic Daystate, along with the rocker safety catch, all adding to the genuinely prestigious feel of this beautifully presented classic.
Multi-shot Performance

In short, what we have here is a Limited Edition classic which sits perfectly with Daystate’s niche product ethos, whilst doing a splendid PR job for the red squirrel and possibly to the benefit of us all.


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