FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - S/H


  • FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut
  • FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut
  • FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut
  • FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut
  • FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut
  • FX .22 Royale 400 Walnut
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A reliable, easy to use, accurate and beautiful gun. .It's considerably lighter than other pcp's and you can get in a fiddle and replace bits.
The power is currently set at 31, 19 and 12 ftlbs as there is a knob for changing the power level. The power can be increased easily (or reduced) as the screws are accessible once the action is removed from the stock.
The stock is in perfect condition, the action has a couple of scuffs on the bottle. Otherwise this is a great gun in excellent condition.

The Hawke Airmax SP is included. I will include a couple of tins of pellets.

The last pic shows the IR night vision add on I used. If you want it then it would be and extra £80. I have a laser rangefinder for gun mounting, a IR laser rangefinding hand held monocular and numerous lamps if you are interested.
If you need any more info or pics just ring me.


  • FX
  • Royale 400 Walnut
  • Firearm
  • Ambidextrous
  • Hawke 3-12x50
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