Weihrauch .177 HW 95 K

Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - New


  • Weihrauch .177 HW 95 K
  • Weihrauch .177 HW 95 K
  • Weihrauch .177 HW 95 K
  • Weihrauch .177 HW 95 K
  • Weihrauch .177 HW 95 K
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The HW95K is a popular choice for vermin control or for target shooting. This is a full power (but sub 12ft/lbs) gun that has a good weight and balance which would be suitable to be carried over a reasonable distance if hunting on foot, it also comes fitted with a Weihrauch silencer as standard to reduce a bit of noise. Fitted with the fully adjustable Rekord trigger and a safety catch that automatically resets when cocked this is a quality air rifle that would be capable of firing many thousands of pellets with trouble free operation.

We have a selection of scopes available from £50 upwards to complete the package.


  • Weihrauch
  • HW 95 K
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  • Ambidextrous
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