Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued

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  • Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued
  • Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued
  • Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued
  • Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued
  • Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued
  • Bergara .243 B13 Black Blued
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Getting some wonderful feed back from customers who have taken the plunge and already bought one of these great little rifles! This one comes with a 20” (508mm) Semi Heavy profile Fluted Barrel, already threaded to take a Sound Moderator and basically operates the same as an over and under shotgun with a top lever to open the action for loading etc. With a little practice rifles cab be reloaded remarkably quickly too.
The 14 ½” (362mm) Black Synthetic Thumbhole Stock is also Fully Ambidextrous and comes currently fitted with the cocking lever extension in place for a right handed shot but this is easily swapped over. Also included is a Weaver Scope Rail ready to fit a scope of your choice. Plenty of mount options in stock…just ask.
These appear to get more and more popular. Any and all comments coming back to me are all VERY positive.
This one is also the ‘Take Down’ version so will fit into just about the smallest suitcase, ruck sack or day pack and no one other than will know it’s there. VERY DISCREET indeed and no reason why you could not (possibly) simply interchange calibres.
With a half decent choice of additional calibres these little rifles are proving popular. At a half ounce over 7Lbs (3.19 Kg) they are also light enough to carry about all day, even with a scope on top.

To all customers old and new some news….. THE NEW WEB SITE IS NOW FINALLY LIVE!…..CHECK IT OUT….comments appreciated.
FOR FULL AND COMPLETE STOCK DETAILS CHECK THINGS OUT DIRECT. THERE ARE A LOT MORE GUNS LISTED THERE IN ALL CATEGORIES as well as MANY other hard to find items for all areas of shooting and what we don’t have we can try to source:


  • Bergara
  • B13 Black Blued
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 20"
  • 14 ½"
  • 7lb.
  • Spanish
  • 61-06-039203-19
  • 191128/002
  • New


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