Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING

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  • Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING
  • Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING
  • Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING
  • Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING
  • Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING
  • Ruger .22 LR 10/22 FOLDING
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.22 Rim Fire Ruger 10-22 Semi-Automatic Rifle in an after-market Butler Creek Black Synthetic replacement Folding Stock.

Standard full length 19” (483mm) barrel, pre-threaded at ½” x 20 UNF ready to take a sound moderator of your choice. With the stock folded out it gives a trigger pull length of 13 ¼” (337mm) and an overall maximum length of 37” (940mm).

Fold the stock in and you get a VERY compact and easily discretely portable 27 5/8” (700mm) extra-long barrelled pistol for want of a better description. Either way it tips the scales at 5 Lbs 9 ½ oz (2.54 Kg). IDEAL for a long weekend / camping trip etc. (Obviously where you DO ACTUALLY have permission to use it).

The usual much loved Ruger 10 round rotary magazine as standard with spares available as well as original 25 round capacity upgrades. At one time you could even buy a 50 round drum magazine for these so they had a look of an old ‘Tommie Gun’. All well and good but they weighed heavy for anything other than bench target shooting.

Dovetailed scope rail is already fitted to the action, ready for rings and a scope of your choice. Fully checked over with a complete strip down, clean and service already done. As such ready to go and should work and cycle flawlessly.

From memory the stock alone used to cost well in excess of £200 when new.


I DO have spare 10 and 25 round capacity magazines in stock, both pre used as well as brand new.

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  • Ruger
  • 10/22 FOLDING
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 19"
  • 13 ¼"
  • 5lb.10oz.
  • 83
  • 241-41675
  • 200821/001
  • Used


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