Winchester .30 Carbine 1894

Lever Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Winchester .30 Carbine 1894
  • Winchester .30 Carbine 1894
  • Winchester .30 Carbine 1894
  • Winchester .30 Carbine 1894
  • Winchester .30 Carbine 1894
  • Winchester .30 Carbine 1894
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Winchester .30 WCF (30-30) calibre Under Lever Action Rifle, Model 1894 L/A with saddle ring.

A little research puts this rifle approaching its centenary. The serial number checked against lists in the link below would put production to 1920 – 1921. As such it is in remarkable condition still.

Overall length is 38” including the 20” barrel and tubular magazine. The top tang is detailed as follows:MODEL 94. =WINCHESTER=Trade Mark Reg. U.S. PAT. OFF. & FGM.Barrel is also clearly stamped :Manufactured by the Winchester repeating Arms Co.New Haven. Conn. USA Patented August 21 1894.--- Nickel Steel Barrel --- Specially for Smokeless Powder.
With the original open / iron sights still fitted, the rear flip up ladder is graduated out to 2000 yards! Very Tidy considering and the action is still pretty smooth too. Not too bad at all for a rifle like this. Not saying there will not be better examples out there but they are very few and far between.

Also REMEMBER that this is one of a small number of underlever calibres that IS / CAN be a deer legal for Roe, Muntjack and Chinese here in the UK, depending on what load is used so CERTAINLY something different for your ‘average’ stalker to think about!Not only getting HIGHLY collectable but still VERY useful for live quarry as well as paper.
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  • Winchester
  • 1894
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 20"
  • United States of America
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  • 170624/009
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