Laurona 12 gauge

Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H


  • Laurona 12 gauge
  • Laurona 12 gauge
  • Laurona 12 gauge
  • Laurona 12 gauge
  • Laurona 12 gauge
  • Laurona 12 gauge
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Laurona Boxlock, None Ejector, Over and Under 12 Bore with Single OR Double Trigger operation. 28” (710mm) Fixed Choke Barrels at ½ and Full with 2 ¾” (70mm) chambers.
As said, this is a Double Trigger gun BUT those clever people who designed and manufactured these built in the option of Single Trigger use! Simply stay on the front trigger and pull again OR drop back onto the back trigger for the second barrel.
Actually a VERY useful option for anyone who finds it difficult to swap over between the usual / traditional Twin Triggers of a Side by Side that they may well prefer but who also wants to try / have an Over and Under in the cabinet too.
¼” (6mm) Ventilated Game Rib is machined matt on top with a single bead sight at the muzzle. The Embossed action is finished in black and boasts Pointer dogs to the L/H face with flighting Pheasants to the Right.
Stock is Very Nicely Patterned and (to me) the Fox or Skip Chequering always adds that additional look, feel and finish to any gun.
NOW….my ‘usual rant’ (brief version) about None Ejectors:
Unless you are shooting a good few dates each season and on relatively big driven days for Partridge, Grouse or Pheasant etc. there is very little to warrant and certainly no need for an ejector. For those of you MAD on ejectors, just out of interest, think back to the last time you broke your gun and did not block any spent cartridges from flying back over for 10 to 15 feet and beyond. Take your eye of what is in front of you to watch where empty shells drop so they can be picked up and I will put money on that being the time something gets up to present a shot!

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