Mauser .22 WMR 201

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  • Mauser .22 WMR 201
  • Mauser .22 WMR 201
  • Mauser .22 WMR 201
  • Mauser .22 WMR 201
  • Mauser .22 WMR 201
  • Mauser .22 WMR 201
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.22 WMR Winchester Magnum Rimfire Model 201 Bolt Action Mauser Rifle. As always from Mauser simply Excellent Quality, Workmanship and Finish.

Barrel is currently 21 ½” (546mm) Threaded and finished in a Deep Lustrous Blue to match the action. That is detailed with the Mauser name badge to the top of the chamber along with makers name and details to the left side of the action. A final nice touch is the matching rear contours of the action and bolt. Very similar to Krico rifles.

The stock has a pull length of 13 ¼” (336mm) with a DARK but Well Patterned Grain. There is a definite Tiger Strip running the full length starting immediately behind the Rosewood forend tip. Chequering is still clean and crisp enough with only very light marks or sign of use anywhere.

A fully adjustable trigger, I am not 100 sure if this has a set or hair trigger facility that is currently adjusted .out’. As it is the release is VERY nice anyway. There are some rub marks to the bolt handle but more like from too little room in a cabinet. Certainly not consistent with usual wear from a hand. A minor detail in reality. The action is pre drilled for scope mount bases if preferred or there is also a standard dovetail machined to the top.

To those unfamiliar with this calibre try this ‘snippet’....

A .22 WMR at 100 yards down range still has roughly the same muzzle energy and velocity as a standard .22 rim fire at the muzzle! You can drop a Bull at point blank range with a .22 rim fire. Longer range rabbit and other small game / vermin can be an excellent challenge at longer ranges still well within capability. Why everyone and their dog abandoned this for a .17 HMR will always be a mystery for me. Less than half the bullet weight and disintegrating on contact with so much as a blade of grass. These use a 40 or 45 grn head that will take any reasonable quarry cleanly with minimal mess or meat damage.

*** This does have what appears to be a crack to the grip area on the stock. However, it does look more like a 'wind shake' issue from when the tree was actually still growing. There is ZERO movement in it even applying more than reasonable pressure. Given the calibre produces minimal to no recoil at all it is hardly going to present or cause a problem. All you can do is take a look and decide for yourself. I cannot GUARANTEE it will go on 'for ever' but no reason why it will not last just as long as any other stock.


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  • Mauser
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