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MGR Guns (Woodhall Spa)
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    1 Witham Road
    Woodhall Spa
    LN10 6RW


    MGR Guns are once again in lockdown thus obliged to close our door but not go out of business! You are not allowed into the shop, but we can offer a "Call & Collect" service which is strictly by appointment ONLY, you can do this by placing an order via our website, email or telephone, we may be unable to take your valued call please leave a message and return telephone number. MGR Guns will continue sale of shotguns or firearms for immediate RFD transfer or exportation but not from the shop until current lockdown restrictions are lifted. We are happy as in previous lockdown's to take securing deposit's or payment and item's off sale for collection or sending on RFD transfer for collection in due course. Due to Hokey Cokey type trading standards ignore the note below which will apply once again after this lockdown period so currently no entry to shop! MGR Guns are now open by appointment only, this way we will be able to give you the time and space you deserve with some reassurance we have done our upmost to try and keep you safe! You must now have good reason to visit and ideally we need to know you are coming, please do not arrive unexpectedly as our door will be locked between customers and this may lead to some disappointment! Arriving without an appointment and a customer is present or due you will be asked out of courtesy to wait until they leave, if we do not have a customer you may have entry, or if you wish to purchase say a tin of pellets and be on your way,.. that can be accommodated! For now this is the only way to keep control of what has been a very busy, popular and often closely packed shop, the change in the way we serve is brought about by the sole purpose to protect you our customers and friends,. less we forget life is far more important than money! Social distancing still applies within, a hand sanitiser is available and we encourage use on entry and exit, face masks are available although usage is discretionary, a pair of disposable gloves will be provided when handling multiple product, all products handled will be sanitised afterwards. What more can be said,.. Stay safe and enjoy shooting! MGR Guns operate from relatively small premises we only list part of our stock despite having some 500 guns which has grown into the largest selection of second hand guns in Lincolnshire, if we do not have it in stock we can usually get it, some times next day or some times it may take a little longer. While we specialise in nice clean second hand guns we also sell new guns in the shop and obtain to order air guns, shotguns and firearms from leading makers and suppliers to order. We also buy clean guns for cash. Please give us a call on 01526 351750, visit or in shop at Woodhall Spa to enquire about our stock or something you are looking for to see what what we can do for you, we close all day Wednesdays, thank you stay safe and enjoy shooting.

    Trade Types

    Airguns, Ammunition, Clothing, Gun transfers, Optics, Parts & Accessories, Rifles, Shotguns

    Opening Times

    Monday: 09:00   -   17:00
    Tuesday: 09:00   -   17:00
    Wednesday: Closed
    Thursday: 09:00   -   17:00
    Friday: 09:00   -   17:00
    Saturday: 09:00   -   17:00
    Sunday: Closed

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